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The New Wave Podcast

Dec 22, 2021

Daniel sits down with coach and digital creator Amanda Bucci to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence in life & business — and why entrepreneurs should overlook the development of this critical skill at their own peril.  

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(00:00) Introduction to show/Overview of topics. The importance of PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY and psychological freedom
(06:15) How does one determine they are in a personal psychological cycle? 
(11:50) What are some of the ways to identify emotions running through one’s body and how to work with difficult emotions?
(19:39) Mind body connection. Human design. 
(27:25) What are the limitations of the human perception of reality?
(34:45) Book recommendations from Amanda. “Body Keeps the Score”, “A New Earth” and more. 
(37:15) Money and success are not correlated to emotional stability beyond a certain point
(42:20) The entrepreneurship craze and hustle lifestyle and its effects on mental health
(50:15) Antifragile and rigid communication patterns. The perks of being an artistic archetype. The importance of authentic self-expression 
(54:28) Curveball Q: Does Amanda think America will enter a new civil war soon? 
(57:10) Closing thoughts/Further resources

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