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The New Wave Podcast

May 21, 2022

The idea around a unique value proposition is: can you do something different or better than your competitor in order to create a new customer? What are some ways to stand out? Often the first solution is to compete on price, but this may not be the best strategy. There are multiple vectors for achieving differentiation...

Apr 23, 2022

In this Saturday Q/A, Daniel answers business and life questions from the inbox. Are there some good reasons for NOT starting a business? This is a topic that is not often discussed.

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(02:17) Audience question #1: Is entrepreneurship for everybody or not?...

Apr 16, 2022

World’s Richest Man Elon Musk is making a play to buy a majority stake in Twitter (he’s already purchased 9.2% and gotten a seat on the board). 


Is this good news for free speech in a troubled social media climate — or is it setting a dangerous precedent? Daniel weighs in.

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Apr 9, 2022

In this Saturday episode, Daniel answers questions on business and life.

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Apr 2, 2022

In this Saturday Q&A, Daniel answers questions from two entrepreneurs dealing with difficult co-founders: 


John C. is dealing with a co-founder who wants to quit at the worst possible time…


Shane is dealing with a co-founder who is trying to kick him out of the company he helped start…


How would you handle...