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The New Wave Podcast

Nov 20, 2021

In this episode, Daniel sits down with renowned television host and former MTV icon Quddus Philippe to discuss the dirty science of social media, how you can remain true to yourself in a world that encourages you to “fake it until you make it” — and why learning to express yourself authentically online is actually your superpower, not a weakness.

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(00:36) Introdution to episode
(11:37) Quddus Phillipe's back-story and history in media
(29:25) Record labels are no longer the gate-keepers between artists and audiences
(32:27) Life after MySpace
(37:55) Struggles behind the scenes
(42:19) How to coach yourself to deal with massive expectations as a creator?
Is your belief system compatible with the opportunities you have in front of you
(01:05:03) Being mindful when it comes to our digital lives and media
The importance of media rehab
(1:16:14) The current crisis is a failure of communicatios
(1:22:50) Audience questions
(1:47:30) Outro

Podcast production by Risko S.