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The New Wave Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

If you truly want to change your world and attain your goals, you can start doing it today. Achieving self-awareness should be your first step. Start by asking yourself, “What are my strengths and what are my weaknesses?” This simple process will clear up any misconceptions you might have. And I know you may think it’s difficult, but try not drinking alcohol for 30 days. This will remove any cloudiness from your mind and allow your body to rehydrate itself. 

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📚 Resources Mentioned

The Obstacle is the Way
Happiness Hypothesis


(1:00) Shameless plug for Swanwick Sleep 
(6:50) James has a background in journalism and sports casting 
(8:50) The U.S. government makes you renounce your native citizenship for dual citizenship
(10:50) The American government is a great marketing machine
(8:45) A breakup led James to live the American dream in a hostel  
(12:55) Sony pictures gave me an opportunity to interview Jack Nicholson 
(18:52) Network with a lot of people or connect with one high-caliber person? 
(20:38) Success drives you to higher goals
(22:23) Human beings need to be making progress
(26:27) Shouldn’t men be less pussified and take cold showers?
(28:00) Productivity tips for mornings
(35:11) Aren’t Australians supposed to drink a lot?
(38:47) Drinking alcohol doesn’t really give you confidence
(41:15) You will get better looking if you quit alcohol
(46:35) Is there any value to altered states?
(50:31) We are sheeple - we follow the herd
(52:04) Understanding yourself comes down to the questions you ask yourself 
(56:19) Daniel brags about himself
(59:53) Find someone to make you accountable
(01:02:31) Becoming a master questioner - how to ask yourself the right things?
(01:03:10) Outro & further resources



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