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The New Wave Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

What exactly is the metaverse and how will we be using it in the future? In this episode, Daniel sits down with Athar Ahmed and Cameron Mordi-Semple, leaders at metaverse startup Legion Network. They go deep into not just the technology behind this burgeoning industry, but also the moral and ethical implications of living in a completely digitized society.   

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(04:19) Introduction to guests Athar Ahmed and Cameron Mordi-Semple. Introduction to Web 3.0 and the Metaverse
(08:31) The Metaverse explained (as if explained to a 4-year old) by Athar
(09:35) Cameron’s take on the Metaverse and his role at Legion
(11:45) Are the Metaverse and Virtual Reality (VR) linked together?
(16:42) Are there any dangers to this technology?
(21:08) Is Facebook’s Metaverse the one we want to live in one?
(23:31) Three pillars of the Metaverse: decentralization, user accessibility and blockchain
(26:45) Some of the downsides of decentralization and the Metaverse
(30:11) What will advertisements look like in the Metaverse?
(35:46) How Web 3 flips the concept of “if it’s free, YOU are the product” on its head
(37:38) As more people adapt the Metaverse is it possible that the network tokenomics will change in a negative way?
(40:23) Legion “Shark tank” pitch - what is the business about?
(43:39) What’s the best way to make sure people are educated about using the Metaverse? The importance of trying things out and experimenting with new technology
(48:50) What’s actually been created so far in these virtual spaces?
(56:53) The Metaverse offers limitless identities. Will the new generation even want to live in the real world any more?
(59:45) Will there be a class stratification between those who can access the Metaverse and those who cannot? Will real world caste systems of society migrate over into the Metaverse?
(01:10:12) What should the message for the future be regarding the Metaverse?
(01:13:29) Final thoughts & further resources
(01:14:15) Daniel’s summary of the episode and main concepts

Podcast production by Risko S.