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The New Wave Podcast

Mar 31, 2022

Academy Award nominated Producer Peter Martin joins Daniel to talk about politics and

technology. Peter is a Creative Futurist who plays in the cross-platform media realm. He is the CEO of VALIS Studios and the Executive Creative Director for SPECTACLE VR. If there is or ever was a visual technology Peter can tell you about it. He tells Daniel about how AI is already taking over the world, how billionaires plan to immortalize themselves and how disruptive American politics are blurring the lines between reality and comedy.


(5:09) Peter describes the history and future of visual technologies.
(14:04) Moore’s law states computers will double in speed and halve in price every 18 months
(18:03) AI is the end of the world as humans know it.
(23:23) Peter’s company, VALIS is receiving requests to immortalize and hybridize performers.
(35:27) The 3D printing of human organs may allow you to have a full backup of yourself.
(38:36) Peter is working on a 6-part series on immortality and life extension.
(41:59) In 2003, Peter and associates set up a cross-platform media company.
(52:49) Blurring the lines of reality and fantasy gives fiction meaning.
(51:09) Disruptive politics are waking people up, kind of.
(1:08:04) Fake news has taken the honor out of journalism.
(1:14:15) Peter is be working with Intel to virtualize Stephen Hawking.
(1:20:29) Digital resurrection is bringing people back when we need them.
(1:22:15) VR is a powerful medium to transport people.




“A decade ago, the entire computing power at the Pentagon was less than what an iPhone 6 can compute today.” @valisstudios


“Performers are being hybridized and immortalized through technology. And, they have huge followings.” @valisstudios


“I’m hoping the disruptive politics has a positive impact on culture for the good. Like England under Thatcher.” @valisstudio

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