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The New Wave Podcast

Mar 30, 2022

In this episode, Daniel and Nick Egan explore the inner matrix of the mind — and how to use tools from philosophy, psychology, psychedelic research and religion to unlock your deepest potential.


Nick Egan, Ph.D., is an award-winning leader and coach who utilizes his deep understanding of positive psychology and Buddhist philosophy to encourage personal and organizational growth. In addition to coaching, he has taught meditation techniques for more than a decade and regularly leads expeditions to destinations including Bhutan, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, and Tibet. Nick holds a BA in psychology, an MA in comparative religion, and a Ph.D. in Buddhist philosophy.


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In Shift, Nick Egan shows how to improve organizational leadership and personal and professional development by dismantling mental limitations and reclaiming freedom and flexibility. Combining studies in psychology and Buddhist philosophy, he demonstrates how to:

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📚Resources Mentioned

Shift: The Art of Transforming Limitations

Möbius strip

Skandha or The Five Aggregates


(00:55) Nick has degrees in philosophy, psychology and buddhism
(07:20) Buddhism as a lifestyle
(09:12) The temple at Meteora
(10:59) Resistance to problems can turn problems much worse
(13:05) Being present in the moment is very difficult
(16:33) We are not actually there. Time is a very difficult concept for the human mind.
(19:26) Matter is not what it seems. In a sense we are not there.
(21:25) Skandha or The Five Aggregates
(25:30) Can you apply Buddhism's teaching to business?
(28:18) You are a response to a universal need
(30:12) Where is Nirvana?
(34:49) Coping with boredom by meditating
(39:40) The lies we tell ourselves about what we would if we had X, Y or Z
(43:38) Specific strategies for making SHIFTS in your mind. Nic’s specific process.
(49:11) Closing thoughts + further resources



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