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The New Wave Podcast

Mar 2, 2022

Title: Could NFTs Save The Ocean? Diving Deep on Web 3 For The Environment With The Crypto Coral Tribe

In this episode Daniel speaks with Jimmy and Christian from Crypto Corals: a creative NFT project looking to leverage art and tech to drive marine and wildlife conservation efforts.

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(00:00) Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
(03:47) Discussion starts. We are on our way to Web 3.0. What is Crypto Coral?
(07:07) NFTs as an access pass
(08:22) How is decision making and voting decided with NFTs?
(10:50) Blockchain allows you to own what you are participating in.
(12:34) How do you market worthwhile pro-social causes to people when most of them don’t really give a sh*t?
(16:17) The core value proposition of Web3 is aligning incentives
(21:42) Why is Crypto Coral being built on Solana?
(24:43) What is the future of ETH competitors and ETH 2.0?
(30:05) What is Daniel most excited about in the crypto space currently?
(33:32) Are we already living inside the Singularity simulation?
(39:32) Canada freezing bank accounts
(45:17) Further resources/Closing thoughts
(46:13) Outro



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