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The New Wave Podcast

Apr 4, 2022

Today’s Mindset Monday is based on a 2019 essay I wrote on Medium. What else do you think the education system is lacking? How can we improve both the quality of instruction and the relevance of material taught inside the classroom?


These are some of the things I’m pondering in today’s episode. 



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(02:06) The American school system and its drawbacks
(04:02) Education still works based on the industrial era model
(05:47) Certain traditional subjects should receive less of a focus
(07:28) Coding and computers should be a priority
(08:43) Foreign language is a MUST
(09:40) Schools should focus on entrepreneurship
(10:46) Personal finance education
(13:15) Emotional management and life skills
(15:00) Strong education in human body basics and nutrition
(17:25) Meditation and brain training. Learning to still the mind.
(18:35) Martial arts education



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