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The New Wave Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Daniel sits down with one of his earliest mentors and friends of over 15 years, Dr. Joe Klemczewski to talk about life, health and business in turbulent times.

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Resources Mentioned

Cal Newport “Deep Work”

Yuval Noah Harari “Sapiens”


[00:00] Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
[12:53] The importance of the “thousand true fans” concept
[14:01] Dr. Joe Klemczewski’s IMPRESSIVE educational background. From undergrad to TWO PhD-s. Early years of bodybuilding, learning nutrition, academia and writing. 
[19:28] Joe critiques Daniel’s writing. The importance of consistently learning and writing for keeping your mind sharp.
[30:18] The prevalence of echo chambers and the dangers of confirmation bias. The problems with unbridled capitalism.
[35:36] Binary thinking and zero-sum thinking. Wealth inequality and Elon Musk.
[43:52] Does extreme wealth warp people’s minds? The importance of relationships over material wealth
[58:01] Bodybuilding and martial arts lifestyles. Daniel’s experiences learning nutrition and food tracking from Joe.
[1:04:43] Discussing “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari, A.I., the benefits of Web3 to personal freedom
[1:14:30] Even in the crypto world, there will always be a class system. Discussing stable coins, future of crypto.
[1:22:58] We are living in a rapidly changing world and the pace of development seems to be accelerating. Can the education system keep up with the pace?
[1:27:27] What is Joe working on right now?
[1:35:05] Intentional living and the importance of action and habit. How to mentally follow through on the tasks that you set yourself. 
[1:37:37] Closing thoughts and Outro


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