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The New Wave Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

Eric Jacobs is the Chief Innovation Officer at VaynerMedia, where he focuses on cutting-edge product development and digital transformation for clients. Daniel and Eric sit down to discuss the future of media and culture in the Web3 era.

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(00:00) Intro to show/Overview of topics. What can you do to prepare and adapt for the coming Web3 world.
(07:00) Is money the solution to all of our problems? What else should we consider?
(11:40) The tech wars between Amazon, Facebook, Apple. The importance for software giants to also have a hardware component.
(13:25) Eric’s unique journey through his media career. Going from Web2 to Web3. The impact of big tech on the communities around them.
(20:43) Will the Metaverse have the same societal problems that we are experiencing now such as inequality? Can Web3 be utilized to remedy some of these problems?
(30:35) Overview of Daniel’s exclusive Substack
(32:54) Web3 is about taking ownership of the platforms we use, not about being used by them.
(43:10) Ray Dalio’s new book and the end stages of capitalism. Is America headed towards a civil war?
(58:30) How to get news from sources that aren’t biased? Further discussion of Ray Dalio’s book
(01:02:31) What’s it like working at VaynerMedia?
(01:07:07) Outro/summary of show

Podcast production by Risko S.