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The New Wave Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

Vin Crispino is a Corrective Exercise Specialist who learned how to restore movement the hard way. After breaking his back in 2009, his life quickly and dramatically changed. He went from being an elite athlete to barely being able to go up and down stairs.    After spending years learning the art and science of restoring movement, he founded Pain Academy. Through his platform, Vin continues to share his knowledge with people all over the world and has improved thousands of lives with his restorative practices.


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(00:52) Introduction to Show/Overview of today’s topics
(04:13) The strange story of how Daniel and Vin first met
(06:13) The traumatic recounting of the life-altering event that led Vin to develop the skill-set of “corrective movement” 
(14:02) Vin’s experience with traditional healing methods and recovering from his initial injury 
(17:28) After some initial healing Vin finds an unlikely guru
(20:40) Medicine sometimes addresses the symptom but not the cause
(25:03) What led Vin to wanting to helping other people?
(29:37) How did Vin scale his business from one-on-one sessions to consulting en masse? Building a global business with zero marketing
(31:25) Interesting cases from Vin’s work 
(34:53) What was the process of building Pain Academy?
(39:40) Not OWNING your business, but BEING OWNED by your business is not sustainable long-term. Going from burnout and 60-hour weeks of spinning wheels to scaling a business.
(48:06) Deep work, organization and productivity. Doing LESS can actually lead to MORE.
(52:09) We fool ourselves about our own metrics for success. Stop this by quantifying by what you do. 
(56:00) Consistency in life compounds over the years. Vin’s mindset lessons from marathon running.
(59:28) Humans have a hard time comprehending SCALE
(01:06:47) Vin’s business success, future prospects and purpose in life.
(01:10:09) Closing thoughts and where to find Vin to get rid of your pain
(00:00) Outro/Promo for upcoming stuff



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