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The New Wave Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

Daniel sits down with entrepreneur / performance expert Mark Dhamma to discuss health, wealth and the psychology of winning.  

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(00:00) Overview of topics/Introduction to Mark
(06:14) Jiu-Jitsu stories
(12:48) Positive psychology, Neuro-linguistic programming and the mind-body connection
(22:24) Laws of attraction explained by Daniel (it’s not bullshit!)
(24:45) How is positive psychology useful for performance-focused entrepreneurs? Decision fatigue explained
(30:18) Mark’s step-by-step to working with entrepreneurs. Time tracking, dealing with productivity bottle-necks. 
(34:29) Crypto giveaway information - enter now for a chance to win ETH, BTC & USDC!
(35:59) Removing the busywork to focus on valuing your time appropriately
(38:40) Further resources to learn about positive psychology and Mark’s work. Mark’s final words of advice  for living a life of JOY.
(43:48) Summary of episode/Outro

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