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The New Wave Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

In this episode, Daniel sits down with members of his New Wave Protocol program to review Ray Dalio’s most recent book “Principles For Dealing With The Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed And Fail.” This is a fantastic discussion with multiple perspectives for anyone interested in history, philosophy and economics as they apply to current global events.  

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(5:45) What are the visible effects of inflation in the current market? Supply chain issues, price increases in gas, postal services and other markets across the USA
(15:42) Introduction to Day Dalio’s book “The Changing World Order” First impressions from the guests
(23:13) What did the panel make of Dalio’s views on the gold standard and how money is created? Can inflation be avoided? Is the system deliberately evil or just broken systematically?
(31:50) Problems with the student debt bubble. Are loans for university worth it or not?
(38:14) How do we integrate the lessons from the books and from being observant of our rapidly changing world? The importance of educating yourself about economics 
(48:10) When is enough enough in the context of technology? Can we have too much tech?
(58:01) What can we do as individuals to help others to understand the coming world of Web 3 and decentralization? 
(1:13:29) Closing thoughts 

Podcast production by Risko S.