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The New Wave Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

In this episode, Daniel sits down with Jonathan Seif — a Millennial investment advisor with one foot in the traditional industry on Wall Street and another in the exciting new world of Web3. This episode goes deep into the emerging phenomenon of NFTs, explaining how this new technology is absolutely changing the way we understand and exchange value.  

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(00:00) Intro to show/Guest introduction
(03:30) Welcoming Jon to the show/Jon’s background at Wall Street
Jon’s journey into crypto and NFTs
(09:58) Building wealth. Why should a regular person care about what is happening in the financial market right now?
(13:24) What happened with Gamestop and AMC.
(19:30) How crypto is uprooting old financial systems
(25:20) The importance of blockchain technology and true digital ownership
(30:58) Overview of NFTs. What does the “nun-fungible” part mean exactly?
(45:30) We are still early. The market for crypto is still growing.
(52:12) Legal aspects of NFTs
(1:01:03) Browsing Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0
(1:07:42) Further resources and where to reach out to Jon

Podcast production by Risko S.