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The New Wave Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

In this episode, Daniel goes deep on what it takes to get started investing in crypto, including:


  • The ground rules / basics for investing 
  • Discovering your “why” for investing
  • The staples you should have in your portfolio
  • Smart contracts / protocols
  • Stable coins
  • Oracles
  • DEXs
  • DAOs
  • Crypto gaming
  • Meme coins


Also covered in this episode:


  • How to monitor your crypto portfolio
  • Where to swap/exchange your crypto assets
  • How to store your crypto offline
  • Other sources to learn more about crypto


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(03:06) Volatility vs risk
(6:08) Brief history of crypto currencies
Removing third parties from financial transactions
(24:57) We are creating a new asset class
A brief history of the gold standard and fractional reserve banking
(34:24) Portfolio questions: why are you investing?
(37:40) Difference of BTC vs ETH. Which to invest in and why?
(41:45) Different things to put in your portfolio.
Where to buy crypto currencies. DEX vs CEX
(44:45) Storing your crypto offline. Hot vs cold wallets
(48:10) Crypto swapping
(50:22) Daniel's portfolio overview. Smart contract platforms
(55:30) Daniel's portfolio overview. Stable coins
(57:01) Daniel's portfolio overview. Oracle networks, exchanges and DAOs
(1:01:54) Daniel's portfolio overview. Gaming and crypto
(1:04:21) Riskiest of the risky: meme coins
(1:07:06) Further resources to do your own research into crypto
1:10:20 Outro

Podcast production by Risko S.