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The New Wave Podcast

Nov 13, 2021

In this episode, Daniel explores his journey as a lifelong martial artist and distills 10 unique mindset lessons he’s learned through jiu jitsu as they apply to everyday life.

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(03:00) Intro to episode 
My journey through martial arts
(33:48) Lesson #1 - Discomfort
(37:21) Lesson #2 - Insistence 
(40:41) Lesson #3 Detachment and Acceptance
(42:50) Lesson #4 Planning ahead
(45:19) Lesson #5 Embrace what is
(48:42) Lesson #6 Generosity 
(52:34) Lesson #7 Repetition and Studying the game
(54:08) Lesson #8 Universal respect
(56:50) Lesson #9 Keep it playful 
(58:33) Lesson #10 Mindset of the life long student
(1:00:40) Outro

Podcast production by Risko S.